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Heavy rain down south with rain alerts
Updated: 2019-08-22 06:12:00 KST
Good morning. Late August usually brings heavy showers, which we call the autumn rainy season, and it's likely to be rainy through September. At this time, southern parts of the country are seeing heavy rain.

The weather agency has issued a heavy rain advisory to many southern parts of the country, in fact, Gochang-gun country in Jeollabuk-do Province is under a heavy rain warning as rain is falling at 30 millimeters an hour.

Rain is likely to linger through this afternoon for southern regions and Jeju, parts of Chungcheong-do and Gyeongsangbuk-do Provinces will see showers through noon. Be prepared to deal with more heavy rain.

Humidity has risen again, the rest of upper regions will be under mostly sunny skies. However, it's a cool morning to start the day in most regions.

Daily highs will be similar to a touch lower than Wednesday. Highs will range from 28 to 31 degrees Celsius.

That's Korea for you and here's the international weather for viewers around the world.
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