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Expert's view of Hong Kong protests
Updated: 2019-08-19 16:12:53 KST
Let's now take a deeper dive into the situation in Hong Kong, with the help from an expert.
And for that I'm pleased to have Dr. Ming SING, Associate Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology's Division of Social Science, joining us through Skype…
Professor Sing thank you for coming on tonight…

Thank you….

1. These mass protests have been sparked by a controversial extradition bill, which has now been put on hold, or is "dead" as Chief Executive Carrie Lam stated last month. The discontent over China's influence on the city is very much apparent. What started as opposition to the bill has now evolved to citywide and weekly protests calling for reform. What are the issues fueling these protests?

2. There have been reports that the Chinese military may get involved. How do you see the reports? Do you think there will be some kind of military intervention?

3. It's been 11 weeks of protests to date. When and how do you expect this issue to be settled and when do you think Hong Kong will be able to return to normalcy?
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