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U.S. State Dept. to sell 66 advanced F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan
Updated: 2019-08-19 09:23:06 KST
The U.S. has decided to sell seven.six billion U.S. dollars' worth of F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan.
According to the Wall Street Journal on Friday local time,… the U.S. State Department informed related congressional committees that the U.S. would sell sixty-six F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan.
The F-16V is the latest model of the F-16 series, and is expected to boost Taiwan's air defense capabilities.
Beijing criticized the U.S. decision, saying it threatens its "One-China" policy,… while Taiwan's President Tsai lng-wen welcomed Trump's decision.
The decision comes after the U.S. State Department approved the sale of two billion dollars of tanks and missiles to Taiwan in July.
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