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Massive power blackout hits Argentina, Uruguay
Updated: 2019-06-17 07:02:57 KST
A massive blackout left all of mainland Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay without power on Sunday.
An unexplained failure in the countries' electrical interconnection system left more than 48 million people without power.

"The subways aren't even working. You can't even recharge your transit card to ride the bus, and you can't get around if you don't have a car."

"We were just with my grandmother, and we had to help her down the stairs because the elevator wasn't working. Everything is closed and there's no movement in the street."

Power was restored to more than half of the region in Argentina by the afternoon and to most regions in Uruguay.
Argentinian President Mauricio Macri ordered a thorough investigation on what had caused the blackout and who was responsible for it.
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