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● About

Visit Arirang TV, a representative English broadcasting station based in Korea.
Your tour includes a visit to TV studios and radio studios.

* Arirang TV is a place where people work in, so each tour may not always be the same according to the conditions.

● Tour Schedule

Tours are held every Tuesday to Friday at 10:30 a.m or 2:00 p.m once a day.
Each tour takes an hour and there are no tours on the weekends and holidays.

● Booking and Cancellation

After booking a tour on Arirang TV home page, you will be asked to confirm your schedule via e-Mail within one week.
For cancellation, we respectfully request at least 48 hour notice.

● Arrival & Departure

Tour groups should arrive on time in order to start the tour at the appointed time.
Arirang TV & Radio is an operational facility and tours must be done on time in order to avoid interrupting the programming and the staffs working at the scene.
Time lost for the reason of being late, cannot be made up.
For school groups, we recommend teachers to carry a mobile phone to let us know if they are held up due to traffic jam or other delays.

* We will meet at the 2nd floor of Arirang Tower.

● Tour Sizes

Tours are provided for students and community groups.
A group tour requires a minimum number of 10 to 20 people.
If a group of more than 20 people would like a tour of our facilities, we recommend you to divide your group into group of less than 20 people and book tours on different dates accordingly.
If there is any changes in tour size, please let us know one day in advance.

* Group tour should be accompanied by a guardian like your teacher or parents to prevent safety accident and the guardian is responsible for accidents occurred due to safety negligence.
Please understand that group with no guardian is not permitted in the tour.

● Minimum Age

No child under the age of ten is permitted in the tour.
Arirang is a working production environment, and for safety reasons we are unable to accommodate young children.

● Clothing and Baggage Check

Arirang is a large building, and the tour will involve walking into a studio environment so you must wear soft soled comfortable footwear.
You cannot bring food or beverages into our facilities as we have broadcasting equipments.

● Fire Exits & Evacuation

Elevators are used to access different levels.
Arirang has clearly marked exits throughout the building.