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702 2021-03-09 ARIRANG RADIO is looking for Host in Jeju!

ARIRANG RADIO is looking for Host in Jeju!

We are English radio station based in Korea.
Wonders of Jeju produced in Jeju-do island(from 10PM to 12AM everyday) is recruiting a new host.

Job Description:
A freelance host on radio show

Requirements / Qualifications:
Korean nationality or those holding a working visa in Korea
English native or a fluent English speaker (Bilingual preferred)
Able to understand Korean scripts and communicate in Korean
Able to work in Jeju (Priority given to Jeju residents)
Experiences in English broadcasting as a host or a reporter

Required Documents:
Resume (Korean, English) including broadcasting careers

Recruitment Procedures:
Resume screening Interview

March 17th, 2021

Contact Information:

※ Applicants will be notified individually.
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