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Kim Se-hwang

Kim Se-hwang joined the rock band NEXT in 1991 with the proposal by NEXT's vocal, Shin Hae-cheol. After NEXT's temporary break-up in 1997, he continued performing in bands Nova Sonic and 2Cell until NEXT was reformed, and now he continues to be the guitarist of NEXT in addition to teaching at an university.

Appraised as one of Korea's best guitarists, Kim Se-hwang released "Four Seasons" covering all movements of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

His album "Four Seasons" is a concerto between strings and the electronic guitar, transforming Vivaldi's Four Seasons into a more dynamic classical rock sound and defying the traditional mood of classical music but in optimal harmony with rock.

In July, he performed together with Italy's I Musici and received many rave reviews for expanding horizons of electric guitar music through the cross-over with classical music.

(Guitar: Kim Se-hwang, Violin: Paek Ji-yeon, Lee Ji-hyeon, Kim Na-hyeong, Jeong Yu-ri, Viola: Kim Su-kyeong, Choi Hye-seung, Cello: Nam Yu-mi, Kang Seon-joo)

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