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Ep.30 #Virtual human #Mass production of nanofibers #IT technologies for the aging population

World Ch. Schedule : WED 07:30 KST

Date : 2021-05-05

BizTechKOREA - Ep.30
Virtual human

Along with the rise of VR technologies, “virtual humans” which can imitate the facial expressions and emotions of humans have recently been at the center of attention. This week on #Hash_Tech, we introduce virtual human “SUA” which can provide real-time communication with people. Thanks to the facial tracking technology, it can follow about 50 expressions.
Also, as it is made with a real-time engine, it can provide rapid responses. A virtual YouTuber “Rui” can communicate with real humans. After learning about facial expressions, AI itself can organize and make expressions. As a YouTuber and singer, virtual humans can play active roles in different areas. We introduce virtual humans, which have garnered a lot of attention along with the rapid growth of technologies.

#graphics #3D_model #face #creator #AI #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

Mass production of nanofibers

Nanofiber is a type of new material that has been applied to a wide range of areas including clothing, filter, electronic materials and medicine. This week on #Lab_Tube, we explore the Process Analysis Laboratory of KAIST, or Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which has developed a technology that can mass-produce nanofibers by using centrifugal force, just like a cotton candy machine. Electrospinning is a process of making nanofibers by applying high-voltage power.
It can produce nanofibers more conveniently, but it has low efficiency as well as a lot of different limitations. The research team has saved cost and enhanced economic feasibility by developing a multi-layered spinning disc. The produced nanofiber is light and has a high penetration ratio. Therefore, it is used for the production of face mask filters that can prevent fine dust and viruses. We look into the Process Analysis Laboratory of KAIST, which aims to bring innovation to the chemical engineering field by developing new materials.

#KAIST #Dept._of_Chemical_and_Biomolecular_Engineering #Process_Analysis_Laboratory #nanofiber #new_material #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV

IT technologies for the aging population

Along with the growth of scientific technologies and industries, environmental pollution has emerged as a serious issue. And various environmental problems including fine dust, waste and industrial waste water need a lot of attention. And a lot of companies have developed eco-friendly products and technologies in order to lead the growth of the domestic environmental industry. This week on #Lab_Tube, we introduce Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute, which has supported the growth of the domestic environmental businesses and led the development of the green industry.
Under the slogan, “Door to Sustainable Future,” it has focused on improving the environmental welfare for the public and promoting sustainable national growth. And the institute has operated “E TechHive,” which is a research complex established by the Ministry of Environment. By providing improved facilities and diversified programs, it has supported the technological development of environmental businesses and brought about innovation to the domestic environmental field. We report on Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute, which has promoted coexistence between environment and industries and accelerated the growth of the green industry.

#aging #elderly #government #low_birthrate #technology_for_aging #fourth_industrial_revolution #BizTechKOREA #ArirangTV