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* Date : 2015-03-24

KoreaToday Ep794
South Korea between US and China: THAAD and AIIB

The issues of THAAD and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB) are hitting the headlines in and out of Korea lately. The consecutive visit of Chinese and American envoys to Korea is throwing the spotlight on the matter. Besides, Korea’s decision to join China-led AIIB is becoming a sensitive issue between US and China. We have a report on prospects of Korea’s next move on deployment of THAAD and sign-up for AIIB.

Treatment and prevention for leg swelling

After hours or sitting or standing all day at work, is leg swelling something that weighs you down quite literally? Leg edema is caused mostly from blood circulation disorders, but they're not to be taken lightly, since they can lead to other conditions. How do you treat and prevent it? More coming up.

Tree-hugging awareness challenge

Taking on the Guinness World Record, people from all walks of life came together in Korea to take part in a tree-hugging event in time for the UN's International Day of Forests. Did they manage to break the record? Derek Stelma took part in the event and brings us the details.


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