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* Date : 2015-03-23

KoreaToday Ep793
20 Days to 7th World Water Forum 2015 in Daegu

There are various campaigns and events going on around the world to raise awareness of water for World Water Day. Likewise, one of the biggest water expositions called 'World Water Forum' is taking place in Korea this year. Korea Today has more details.

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We’ve used or heard the term “bird’s eye point of view” before – but what does that really look like? We’ll show you Dubai from an eagle’s POV. And how has the concept of beauty in physical appearance changed over the years? All this and more coming up on VIRAL FEED.

The new rage in Korea – Self-taught interior decorating?

Self-taught interior decorating is the latest boom in Korea these days. And not just amongst those with their own homes, but for renters and leasers, too! Interior decorating that’s easy and practical, by the non-professionals – check out the details on #CURIOUSINKOREA.

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