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* Date : 2015-03-13

KoreaToday Ep787
Analyses on Declining Purchase of Books in Korea

Studies have been showing that Koreans are reading less, and spending less on books.
Some say it’s due to the sluggish economy, others say it’s because people are turning more towards other culture activities. Let’s find out about the causes, and how Koreans can gain their interest back in reading.

Breaking into India with K-Pop, N-SONIC

One of the markets long untouched by the Korean Wave and K-Pop trends has been India. But one boy band has managed to break into the country and deliver a taste of Korea's music. N-SONIC joins us in the studio after wrapping up their first tour as a K-Pop band in the country.

Set aside time for yourself in Guro

In the busy city where your list of things-to-do never ends, it's important to set aside some quality time for yourself. Joe McPherson will take you to the neighborhood Guro in Seoul that offers places to step back and enjoy along with a variety of different tastes to complete your day.

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