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* Date : 2015-03-11

KoreaToday Ep785
Is Korean Version of 'Freikauf' Really Happening?

The Prime Minister, Lee Wan Koo, declared that the government needs to consider a South Korean version of the freikauf scheme, which means “buying of freedom”, in German. Freikauf was a humanitarian payment from the West German government to the East for repatriation of abductees and prisoners before the German reunification. We have a special report on the details of the 'Korean Freikauf' and its practicality.

Out-and-about for the new school year at SNU

College campuses spring back into life with the new school year upon us. We'll take you to check out the action at the Seoul National University campus and the rising new hot-zone close by called Sharosu-gil!

Improve fatigue and strengthen lungs with deodeok

Deodeok is the edible root that's in season right now, with fiber for your dietary needs and effective in protecting lungs from fine dust inhalation. Fill your stomach with delicious easy-cook deodeok dishes on KOREAN KITCHEN.

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