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* Date : 2015-03-09

KoreaToday Ep783
Korean Smartphones' Strong Positions Amid the Rise of Chinese Brands

At this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona of Spain, global mobile carriers and tech brands have showcased a slew of innovative mobile technologies. Samsung and LG have been able to get back on track from the loss of market share last year, unveiling the latest additions to their lineup. Arirang's Song Ji-sun has the details.

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An adorable 'battle of the tiny tots' begins – with Darth Vadar and Princess Leia facing off over the last delicious treat. Find out who gets it in the end! And a social experiment that is touching the hearts of many... All this and more on VIRAL FEED.

Why are webtoons so big in Korea

A 'page-turner' of this generation that's brought life back into the world of comics... webtoons! Webtoons hit it big since the early 21st century, and are the muse for productions of all genres. #CURIOUSINKOREA reveals the hows and why of its popularity.

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