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* Date : 2015-02-27

KoreaToday Ep777
Fate of Adultery, Legal or Not?

The Constitutional Court has ruled on 26th on a motion to strike down a law that outlaws adultery. It marks the fifth time that the apex court has considered the constitutional legality of marital infidelity. Since the last time it was deemed constitutional in 2008, the court's decision again has been the focus of the public attention. With the heated debate over the controversy of legalizing adultery, we have a special report on pros and cons, and the court's announcement.

Catching up with boy band U-KISS

After spending nine months on tour around the world, boy band U-KISS is back in Korea. The group now has a strong network of fans in all parts of the country. We catch up on the latest and capture some candid moments of their lives on the road.

Head out to Deokyang-gu District for family fun

It's close to Seoul but far out enough to give you a nice breather. Follow the stretches of Hangang River until you reach Deokyang-gu District in Goyang city. You can pack in a lot of fun outdoors for the family, and Joe McPherson shows us where to find the food.

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