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* Date : 2015-02-24

KoreaToday Ep774
Taking a zoom in at Korea's Ebola support team in Sierra Leone

Korea's second Ebola team returned to the country after their month-long support in an Ebola treatment center in Sierra Leone. Fighting with the scorching heat was one thing. Treating Ebola patients with lacking medical personnel was another. We take a look at the Ebola treatment center in Goderich, what support was given to patients and their unforgettable experiences in Sierra Leone.

Secret behind the "backwards trend"

Think about starting your meal with dessert. It may sound a little bit odd, but there's a new trend of doing all things backward including enjoying your meal and working out. How does this benefit your health? We look at the secret to this movement with a doctor.

Busan's favorite, eomuk in the spotlight

Busan is famous for its soft, flavorful fish cakes called eomuk. But what used to simply be a scrumptious snack on the street has transformed into many other forms. Enjoy some eomuk in the form of croquettes, noodles, burgers and more. Derek Stelma shows us how.

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