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* Date : 2014-12-12

KoreaToday Ep722

The 2014 ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit kicked off yesterday. President Park has held relay bilateral talks with ASEAN leaders and today she will hold a summit with all. We take a closer look on what were discussed at bilateral talks between President Park and ASEAN leaders.

Explosive Success of TV Drama "Misaeng"

It comes with no mega Hallyu stars and no heart-wrenching romance, but the TV drama "Misaeng" has seen skyrocketing popularity with its close-up on the life of office workers in Korea. What's the secret formula that has made this possible, Denny Hong breaks it down.

Wholesome and Rich, Cheonggukjang

Quintessential to the Korean dining table is doenjang, the earthy, rich taste of soybean paste. Going hand-in-hand with that is cheonggukjang, another Korean favorite that comes with a wholesome taste and a kick to the nose. Matthew Chung stirs some up.

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