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* Date : 2014-12-08

KoreaToday Ep718
Korea Reconnect to Help Korean Adoptees Find Families Easier

The number of Korean adoptees scattered around the world reached 165.6 thousand as of 2013... and to help those find their birth families, the first comprehensive dual-language database “Korea Reconnect” was created to assist Koreans and adoptees in finding one another. Today we have the founder of the searchable database, Sarah Bowling, in the studio to tell us more about the service. Good morning.

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A compilation of witty, fun advertisements from around the world is coming your way: A special Christmas carol at a supermarket in Germany; a 3-second cooking ad from Japan; plus, of course, Korean ads that will impress with their out-of-the-box ideas.

Why do Korean moms treat their son-in-laws so well?

A funny photo that shows how much love a mother has for her son-in-law was the talk of the online community and now people are really curious – exactly how much love do mothers have for their son-in-laws, and why?? Some of your questions are answered on #CURIOUS_IN_KOREA.


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