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* Date : 2014-12-05

KoreaToday Ep717
Health Disparities Between South-North Koreans

Difference in average life expectancy between South and North Koreans is over 10 years. The height disparity between South and North Korean children is over 10 centimeters. Why is the gap widening and what can be done to narrow down the gap between the two Koreas?

On-Site at 2014 MAMA

It's Asia's largest music festival MAMA. The Mnet Asian Music Awards just took place in Hong Kong and we take you behind the scenes to show you what the fun was all about this year. For all you K-Pop lovers, get a taste of the heat from 2014 MAMA.

Table for One in Seoul

A table for one, please? Hard to find? Not anymore in Seoul. With a growing number of people living alone, options for solo dining are on the rise. From a hot meaty dish to a cold dessert, we take you to the perfect eateries for Seoul singletons.

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