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* Date : 2014-12-01

KoreaToday Ep713
HIV/AIDS in Korea

December 1st marks World AIDS Day. As the number of HIV infection in Korea is increasing, a special campaign has been held to raise public awareness and protect HIV-positive patients' right to health.

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Do you enjoy sharing or checking out your friends' posts on social networking sites? But how much of it is real? Find out on VIRAL FEED, along with beautiful time-lapse footage of Seoul, and some elegant video of Korea's royal palaces. This and more, coming up.

How accurate are TV dramas and their portrayal of Korean men?

Korea's TV dramas have never been so hot and they're bringing with it a lot of interest towards the men of Korea, as well! Are Korean men really as sweet, considerate and romantic in real life as they are portrayed as on TV? Megan Bowen gets the scoop on #CURIOUS_IN_KOREA.

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1703 2014-12-01 KoreaToday Ep713
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