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* Date : 2014-11-13

KoreaToday Ep701
Superstitions surround Korea's college entrance exams

So just how important are Korea's College Scholastic Ability Tests? So important that there are a number of superstitions and rituals the students follow to do well on the exams. From not washing your hair, to eating certain types of food, some say it's worth doing for a bit more "luck" on the test.

Local Foods, Local Wonders of Wanju County

Wanju of Jeollabuk-do Province is where the air is crisp, the mountains green and waters run clear. We’ll take you to see everything, from the tops of Daedun-san Mountain to the valleys ripe with persimmons. That’s still ahead on AGRI-TRAVELS.

Trending Now: Ankle Boots in all Shapes & Colors

Whether it’s skirts or pants, these are the shoes that can complete any look... ankle boots! Check out what styles, designs and colors are hot when it comes to the trendiest ankle boots for the fall, winter seasons on K-STYLE.

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