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* Date : 2014-11-11

KoreaToday Ep699
Korea Strikes Free Trade Deal with China

Korea and China agreed yesterday local time to conclude a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), finally tying the knot about 30 months after the negotiations were launched in May 2012. Thanks to concluding the deal in Beijing, Korea has signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with all three economic powers, US, EU and China, over the same time period. To tell us more about the signed deal and its impact on domestic economy, we have Professor Yang Jun-seok from The Catholic University of Korea joining us this morning.

Health Trend
Keeping your eyes in good shape

Today is national eye health day, and the perfect time to think about whether your eyes are in good shape. Bad habits can blur your vision and lead to painful conditions, but how do you improve the health of your eyes? We have some ideas for a better outlook.

Yeongwol guest house journey

Sleeping on the tracks in a train car turned guest house and a travel back in time to a once booming coal town. Alex and Derek continue their journey in Yeongwol and dig for some gold. They also visit one of the 10 most scenic spots there with a breathtaking view.

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