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* Date : 2014-11-06

KoreaToday #696
Korea National Opera Production's Operatic Adaptation, “Othello”

A well-known Shakespearean tragedy, Othello, produced by the Korea National Opera production will be opening its curtains starting Nov 6 for a 4-day run. We have invited two gentlemen, the conductor Graeme Jenkins and playing the lead character “Othello” Clifton Forbis, here at the studio to tell us more about the opera.

Phone Interview
US Midterm Election and US-Korea Relations

The US midterm election results were announced yesterday afternoon local time, and Republicans took control of the US House of Representatives and the Senate. Today we've prepared a live phone interview with professor Jin-ha Kim from Keimyung University to further talk about the election results and its possible impact on the relationship between the US and Korea.

Learn the ways of a Slow City

A bamboo haven and Asia's first slow city... Damyang of Jeollanam-do Province! Join us for a therapeutic stroll through the bamboo woods, and experience the leisurely lifestyle and delicious slow foods of Samjine Village. That's still ahead on AGRI-TRAVELS.

K-Beauty trends in the spotlight!

The upcoming beauty trends in Korea are revealed at the “2014 K-Beauty Expo”! Learn about some of the new beautifying hair, skin, face and body products out there that are getting overseas recognition on K-STYLE, coming up in later in the show.


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