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* Date : 2014-11-04

KoreaToday #694
Mounting concerns over Korean economy as the US ends QE while Japan pushes for QE

Only after a day the U.S. Federal Reserve had decided to end its quantitative easing (QE) program, Japan's central bank decided to push for further monetary easing on Oct 31st. Given that Korean economy is sensitive to international monetary policies, concerns are mounting. Today we've invited professor Yang Joon-seok in economics to further talk about the QEs, how it would affect domestic economy, and what Korean government should do to set up countermeasures.

Super grains under the scope

Millet, quinoa, oat bran, black rice and more. Textured and colorful super grains are getting popular for their multiple health benefits. From improving your skin to kicking harmful bacteria in your stomach, we learn more about these grains with Doctor Tan.

Stay at a coal mining town in Seokhang

Derek and Alex take us to the mountainous province of Gangwon-do on a special train. Once a bustling coal mining area, Yeongwol has now transformed into a scenic town, where you can experience a unique stay at a guest house on the tracks.

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