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* Date : 2014-11-03

KoreaToday #693
Moments of Social Integration in Korea

The importance of integration is on the rise in order to overcome social conflicts within the society and to improve further. This three week project is about the moments of social integration in Korea and the first production traces back to the historical moments of socially united Korea.

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This year’s college entrance exams are coming up in Korea, and Busan police showed their support for test-takers with a touching event; video of delicious foods at the world street festival held at a trendy Seoul neighborhood; and prepare to be amazed by artists... all this and more on VIRAL FEED.

Why do Koreans love such spicy foods?

For this young woman from the U.S., its always been quite interesting to watch how much Koreans seem to enjoy hot, spicy food – especially when it’s food so spicy, it makes them sweat! She tries to find out the reasons for this on #CURIOUS_IN_KOREA.

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