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* Date : 2014-09-18

KoreaToday #660
The evolution of used bookstores in Korea

With advanced IT technology and the popularity of digital era, the number of booksales in the country has been on the downturn as many customers prefer to read e-books and purchase books online. Used bookstores have been hit hard with the lates trend. However, these used bookstores are looking into luring customers back with fresh, new contents.

Imagine your korea
“Imagine Your Korea” Destination: Incheon

The location of the 2014 Asian Games and the international gateway into Korea... Incheon! This city has so much more to offer than people realize – from Korea’s own Chinatown, to a fish market with deliciously fresh ware and more. That’s coming up on KOREA DISCOVERED.

Red Lips & Gray Eye Makeup for Fall

Every season has a trending look, and this fall is no different! Warm things up as temps go down with beautiful tones of red on your lips, or dazzle with gray shades of eye makeup. Change up your look with cool cosmetic tips on K-STYLE.

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