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* Date : 2014-09-10

KoreaToday #655
Chuseok: What It Means for Defected and Displaced

Korea's traditional holiday Chuseok is all about spending precious time with families. However there are some people in our society who are feeling rather isolated. North Korean defectors and families displaced by the Korean War are speanding the holiday, unable to meet their loved ones. Find out how they're spending this national hoilday.

Locations to Help Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

It's the last day of our long Chuseok holiday and some might be experiencing an early onset of post-holiday blues! Fill your day with fun, leisure and relaxation to ward off the blues before they start. We have some suggestions coming up.


The Seoul Philharmonic, Korea's leading orchestra led by maestro Chung Myung-whun(정명훈), has ended its summer European tour of four countries.
Let's watch how maestro Chung, the musicians, soloists, and staff behind-the-scenes worked together to put on successful concerts during their European tour, spanning four countries.

Creating Tasty New Cuisine with Chuseok Food

So much preparation went into making food fo Chuseok, it'd be a shame to throw out all the leftovers – not to mention, a waste! Turn these leftovers into brand new dishes, so stay tuned and Chef Andreas Krampl will do the honors.

Chuseok Games

It's not easy to find fun things to do as an entire family, that would be enjoyed by both little kids and their grandparents. On we'll introduce to you some different items that will help you do just that during the chuseok holiday.

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