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* Date : 2014-09-08

KoreaToday #653
This year's Chuseok

People across the country will head to their hometowns to celebrate one of Korea's largest national holidays. What are some of the notable trends and facts about this year's Chuseok? We have it summed up for you.

True Meaning of Chuseok

Chuseok is the third biggest national holiday in Korea. As the country is celebrating its traditional holiday, we are new trends and culture with the changing times. We discuss the meaning of Chuseok and the potential for international contents with Prof. Professor Emanuel Pastreich of Kyung Hee University who is also the Director of the Asia Institute.

Hanbok in 2014

Korea's traditional wear, Hanbok, is not worn by the majority of people on a day-to-day basis. But if the elegant, vividly-colored Hanbok has caught your eye this Chuseok and you cannot get it out of your head, tune in! We'll show you how to wear hanbok, how it's evolved and where to go to try some on.

Viral Feed
Viral pictures and videos of the week

Curious to find out what kind of gifts were HOT for Chuseok? Or... how about some cross-cultural information about similar Chuseok holidays? And get your daily dose of laughter with these cute clips of children. This and more on VIRAL FEED.

Korean Folk Dance, Ganggangsullae

Ganggangsullae is a seasonal harvest ritual that's primarily performed on Chuseok, and of all Korean traditional dances this is the only group-based performance. Learn more about this alluring custom, from its interesting origins to all its playful dance movements.

The Marce family's very special Chuseok trip

The Marce family gets an experience that even some Koreans have yet to try... INS & OUTS take them to a gotaek, or old traditional house, that has a 200-year history. The family members tell us all about it on INS & OUTS.

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