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* Date : 2014-09-05

KoreaToday #652
Telling the story of a N.Korean defector

A team of journalists from Deutsche Welle, Germany's international broadcaster, is in South Korea to follow a young North Korean defector, who is adjusting to a new life in Seoul. We learn more about their project that aims to connect people around the world.

BTS Soars to Fame with New Album

It's only been slightly over a year since they debuted, but boy band BTS is already making stops across the world to meet their global fans. The group is back with its first full album, and Denny Hong sits down with them to catch up and see what's new.

Delicious Fish in Season, Jeoneo

September is here, signalling the change of seasons. As we head into the cool and crisp autumn, we bring you a recipe for a fish that is at its fullest. Gizzard shad, or jeoneo, is simply perfect this time of the year, and Chef Matthew Chung shares his recipe.

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