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* Date : 2014-09-04

KoreaToday #651
Is Korea heading toward deflation?

South Korea's consumer prices grew at the slowest pace in four months in August due in part to the stabilization of farming goods prices, increasing concerns over delfation. Finance Minister Choi Kyung-hwan recently raised concerns that the country may be entering into an early phase of deflation that refers to a situation where the inflation rate falls below zero percent.

Seoul Metro's Stamp Tour through the City

The Seoul subway is a huge under-and-above ground web of rails mapped out to give users the most convenient access to spots around the city. It’s an easy way to tour Seoul and Joey Mercadante shows us how on KOREA DISCOVERED.

Fashion-Savvy Styling for Fall

It's September already and we’ll check out what’s hot for fall at shops around a trendy part of Seoul, then teach you how to coordinate your wardrobe from Monday to Friday. Get fashion-savvy on K-STYLE.

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