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* Date : 2014-09-01

KoreaToday #648
Korea's Automatic Packaging Machinery Industry

With rapid economic growth, South Korea's Automatic Packaging Machinery Industry is becoming a rising industry with its 33 trilion won worth market. The industry is expected to grow further and create jobs for many. Find out all about the development of Korea's Automatic Packaging Machinery Industry.

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The trend of selfies is taken overseas, Korean college students are making sure the world knows hanbok, and a man who travels across the globe... dancing. You’ll want to see what all these clips are about, coming up on VIRAL FEED!

Coffee experiences with Siegfried from Austria!

Siegfried Bauer has questions about Korea’s coffee culture so he visits coffee franchises that line the streets, learns about the popularity of instant coffee mix in the country, and teaches us a bit of coffee history... on INS & OUTS.

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