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* Date : 2014-08-26

KoreaToday #644
Exploring Korean Humanities Together

South Korea has over 80,000 foreign students residing in the country. With the rapid growth of overseas students, Arirang TV held a cross-cultural speech competition to teach them about Korean culture. We invite two students who won gold prize in the category of humanities.

Thank You From Korea

Canada dispatched the third largest number of troops to aid South Korea in the Korean War, that ended 61 years ago. Around 9,000 Canadians that participated are alive today. Before it becomes too late, a group of Korean students flew to Canada to personally thank the war veterans for their noble sacrifices... by spreading the Korean spirit of "Pumassi". Let's find out more about their 12-day "Thank You From Korea" trip.

A navigation system with a smart solution

Our smartphones and GPS navigation systems have become integral parts our lives. Technology now has combined functions between the two to bring consumers new and improved navigation systems using soundwaves! Learn more about that on IT PLUS.

Tic disorder affecting more and more in Korea

Tic disorder. An ailment that has begun to affect more and more people today. Three out of 10 children and adolescents with this disorder will continue to suffer from it into adulthood. Experts on HEALTH PLUS explain what it is and how you can treat it.

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