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* Date : 2014-08-25

KoreaToday #643
150th Anniversary of ethnic Koreans' emigration to Russia

This year marks the 150th anniversary of ethnic Koreans' emigration to former Soviet Union. To commemorate, Korean descendants living in Central Asia visited South Korea. They drove from Russia passing through North Korea and arrived in South Korea. As they celebrate their 150th anniversary, we'll take a look on their lives and their goal in passing through inter-Korean border.

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Everyone's getting “soaked” for the Ice Bucket Challenge, even here in Korea. Examples of what’s truly in a name... and a rare high-quality glimpse into the look of Pyongyang 2014. All this and more, still to come on today’s VIRAL FEED.

Taking advantage of late summer at Hangang

Filipino Earl Aldren Burgos will soon be leaving Korea, but he was hoping to make some fun memories at Han River before going and we gave him that experience! Join us on INS & OUTS to learn about all that Hangang River has to offer.

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