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COVID-19 cases climb to 270 among Cheonghae Unit members Updated: 2021-07-21 13:42:20 KST

Seoul's defense ministry confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that an additional 23 members of the virus-hit Cheonghae Unit had tested positive for the coronavirus raising the total to 270.
19 of the 23 new cases were confirmed on Wednesday morning, with the other four cases coming from those members who had previously had inconclusive results.
Only 31 out of 301 crewmembers have tested negative.
This means 90-percent of the unit's members have been infected.
Those with severe symptoms were sent to military hospitals, while those with mild symptoms were sent to treatment facilities reserved for COVID-19 patients.
Those who tested negative were transferred to a military facility in Jinhae for 14-day quarantine.
Once the members of the Cheonghae Unit are settled and taken care of investigations are to take place to clarify how the coronavirus had infected so many onboard.
The infection route is not yet clear but Seoul's vice defense minister Park Jae-min in a radio interview with local media suspected that the virus might have spread onto the destroyer when it was docked at a port in Africa between June 28th and July 1st.
For more on how this incident unraveled and how the ministry is to go forward, a parliamentary hearing led by the defense committee is scheduled to take place next Monday.
Meanwhile, personnel who were part of the extraction team departed from an undisclosed port in Africa earlier this morning after disinfecting the destroyer, Mun Mu the Great.
The vessel is to arrive in Korea in about 50 days.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.
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