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N. Korea confirms tests of surface-to-surface tactical guided missiles, long-range cruise missiles Updated: 2022-01-28 17:03:50 KST

Following the two rounds of missile launches on Tuesday and Thursday, North Korea has released details of this week's missile tests.
The North's state-run media, KCNA, reported Friday that the missiles it fired the day before were 'surface-to-surface tactical guided missiles'.
Surface-to-surface missiles are designed to be launched from the ground or the sea to hit targets on land or at sea.
The state media said the two missiles successfully hit an island target, which "proved the power of their warheads".
It added that it will keep on developing powerful warheads capable of performing combat functions and missions.
Photos released by KCNA showed that the missiles appear to be the North Korean version of Russia's Iskander, KN-23.
The photos also showed that they were fired from a Transporter Erector Launcher, which are vehicles used to carry, elevate, and then launch missiles.
On Thursday, the South Korean military said it detected two suspected ballistic missiles fired toward the East Sea from North Korea's Hamhung area.
This was the sixth launch by the North this month, coming just two days after it fired two cruise missiles on Tuesday.
The military said the missiles traveled 190 kilometers at an altitude of 20 kilometers.

"North Korea has never fired a missile with a maximum altitude below 20 kilometers. A maximum altitude of 20 kilometers means that it flew at a very low altitude throughout its journey. This makes it difficult for our missile defense system to intercept."

The state media also reported that what was launched on Tuesday were long-range cruise missiles, three days after it fired them.
It said the missiles flew for about 2 and a half hours before precisely hitting an island target 1,800 kilometers away.
It added that the combat performance of this type of missile would boost the country's war deterrence.
Earlier on Tuesday, South Korean military officials had said that the North appeared to have fired two cruise missiles from an inland area.
The firing of two different types of missiles on different dates appears to be the regime's way of showing its capability to hit targets, by displaying its diverse arsenal.

"It's probably the first time that the North has reported details on two different launches, on the same day. If the North were to fire a cruise missile and a ballistic missile at the same time, our missile defense system will be confused making it hard to intercept."
Bae Eun-ji, Arirang News.
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