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Situation at Seoul Station before Seollal holiday Updated: 2022-01-28 17:03:33 KST

Now we move over to our reporter Kim Yeon-seung, who's out at Seoul Station.
Yeon-seung, how's it looking where you are?

Connyoung, Seoul Station is actually less crowded than it usually is.
I've been here since the afternoon talking to several vendors, passengers, and people arriving in Seoul, and most of them have said the place has looked emptier compared to other Fridays, let alone for a Seollal holiday.
First let's take a listen.

"I remember Seoul Station being really crowded, but there seems to be fewer people now. I think it's because of Omicron and the increase in infections."

"It's now difficult to meet family and friends because of COVID-19. With Omicron becoming serious, it's becoming more difficult to make plans."

Does this mean that fewer people are traveling out of Seoul for this Seollal?

Well, not necessarily.
Korea Railroad Corporation, or Korail, said roughly 84 percent of the seats have been reserved as of Friday 4PM, which is a similar figure compared to other Seollal holidays.
But today could look a little less busier here at Seoul Station, because Korail has increased the frequency of its trains to prevent overcrowding.
Also like Do-yeon mentioned earlier, more people are taking their own cars to travel.
And also more people have chosen to travel to Jeju Island for this five-day-long holiday.
Jeju Tourism Organization estimates that roughly 207-thousand people will visit the island this holiday, which is a 35 percent increase from last year, so it's probably busier at airports than it is at this train station.
The organization says that people are taking the opportunity to visit Jeju Island during this long holiday, and with gatherings of up to six people allowed, the number of family and group tours have increased.
Of course, we hope that everyone stays safe and is aware of the prevention guidelines while they're enjoying their holidays like this little fellow who I talked to earlier.

"We have to be careful by washing our hands and wearing masks, even after we come back from our travels."

Of course, stay safe yourself Yeon-seung. And see you after the holidays.
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