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Korean food booming in popularity across the world Updated: 2021-12-02 12:08:16 KST

Korean food is booming in popularity across the world.
According to a survey of 8-thousand 5-hundred people overseas by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, more than 70 percent said they wanted to try out Korean food.
And out of those who've tried it, 9 out of 10 said they were satisfied.
Their favorite dish turned out to be Korean-style chicken.

What makes Korean-style chicken different from other fried chicken is the sauce.
The most common recipe is seasoned chicken covered in sauce made of pepper paste, ketchup, sugar and soy sauce.

"A few foreigners I met at a chicken place in Seoul said they could see why it was so popular."

So, how's the chicken guys.
It's great, actually.
So good, really good.

"It's so crispy, juicy. It's one of my favorite foods here in South Korea."

They said it's not just K-chicken that's popular, but Korean food in general.

"Before I came to Korea, I recognized so many different food from K-dramas, and through K-pop. So, I think everyone knows Korean food, of course. "

"It was everywhere. So at some point I decided I had to try it to at least to know why everybody is so hyped about it. But you know Korean spices are unique. I think they are unique, so everyone want to try them."

The head of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food, who has travelled across the world to teach people about Korean foodsaid she too has noticed its recent popularity.

"Twenty years ago, when I would promote Korean food at different food festivals around the world, nobody knew where South Korea was, or what Kimchi even was. But now, more foreigners actively look for and attend Korean food festivals."

Amid this trend, Korean Cultural Centers around the world have launched Korean cooking classes.
The Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam has been uploading short 60-second videos that teach viewers how to make the dishes they've seen in Korean movies or dramas.

"We first found out which K-drama or K-movie was the most popular in the past three years. Then made videos using ingredients easily available in Vietnam. Like how to make the "Galbi-chicken" from the movie "Extreme Job" or noodles cooked with sprite from the drama "Prison Playbook."

"With so many Korean dramas and movies showing Korean food, I think it has become even more popular than K-pop. I, too, wanted to learn how to make Korean food I saw on TV, like 'kimchi stew' or Korean-style chicken because it looked good."

Korean food can act as a bridge, giving those living overseas a taste of Korean culture.
Shin Ye-eun, Arirang News.
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