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13th annual Seoul Lantern Festival kicked off on Friday, lighting up 83 lanterns Updated: 2021-11-27 13:13:05 KST

The Seoul Lantern Festival kicked off on Friday.
The annual event serves as one of the city's main winter tourist attractions.
Kim Yeon-seung was there.
83 lanterns light up the chilly winter night.
The lights stretch along a 700-meter walkway along Cheonggye-cheon Stream.
It's the annual Seoul Lantern Festival which kicked off on Friday.

"This piece is called the "Slow Tree," and it's a reminder for city dwellers that it's okay to take a break and take it slow. It's the centerpiece to this year's theme “Forest of healing, the colors of Seoul.”

Seoul city officials decided on this theme as they hope to create a colorful forest that could offer a small piece of solace in the heart of the city.
And until Sunday December fifth this forest will stay alive and open from 5 to 9 PM every day.
The Seoul Lantern Festival has become one of the most beloved winter events in Seoul city over the past 13 years.

"We came here to watch, visit the Cheonggye-cheon because we saw this announcement that there was this festival, and I've always wanted to come to see here but I couldn't come last year because of corona."

"I think like it gives all an opportunity just to be ourselves and enjoy atmosphere, because it's winter time, it's something new, you don't really expect people to be out in the cold but they are because of this beautiful festival."

"We saw through social media that there was going to be a lantern festival and came after our exams ended. I feel really refreshed and like my stress is going away."

Before the pandemic, close to two million people had visited every year.
But officials this year are taking extra care to make sure that that everyone is keeping safe while enjoying themselves.

"We limit the number of guests to about 900 people an hour and when they come in we check their temperatures and QR codes, so that there's no issue with virus prevention."

For people who can't make it to the festival, they can visit the Seoul Tourism Organization website to get a full view of the event online.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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