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Historical, Int'l Law Perspective: Dokdo Island Updated: 2021-10-25 17:07:36 KST

Today, October 25th is Dokdo Day - Dokdo is an integral part of Korean territory, historically, geographically and under international law according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, South Korea.

In 1900, Emperor Gojong promulgated an imperial edict to change the name of Ulleungdo Island to Uldo Island and place Seokdo Island (the Dokdo Islets) under the jurisdiction of Uldo County. In 2000, Dokdo Day was enacted to commemorate the date.

However, there has been controvery over the sovereignty of the Islets between South Korea and Japan; and cyber diplomatic mission VANK emphasizs that East Sea is wrongly marked as Sea of Japan while Dokdo as Takeshima on online maps available on websites of many international organizations, governments and portal web service providers such as Google.

Why is the controversy still going on? We have KIM Jaechun, Professor at Graduate Schoold of Int'l Studies, Sogang University. Welcome to the show.

Why is Dokdo significant for South Korea?

What is Japan's argument behind its false claim over Dokdo? Dokdo has been at the center of a diplomatic dispute between South Korea and Japan that goes back more than 300 years.

Of course, what kinds of historical evidence backs South Korea's sovereignty over Dokdo?

How should Dokdo be handled from here on forth?

Alright, it was Professor KIM Jaechun. Thanks for your insights.
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