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Directors and movie lovers enjoying talks and films at Busan Int'l Film Festival Updated: 2021-10-08 17:05:33 KST

It's Friday and that means our culture correspondent Kim Bo-kyoung is here with us in the studio to let us know what cultural events are happening this weekend.
Hello Bo-kyoung, just two days ago, the 26th edition of the Busan International Film Festival kicked off.
I heard you went down to Busan to check it out for us.

That's right Jung-min, after last year's down-sized version, movie lovers and directors this year were glad to see the festival getting back to normal.
With grand opening ceremonies and red carpet, people got to see BIFF's revival. Maestro directors are enjoying talks with each other, and movie lovers are overwhelmed by a wide choice of films to watch. Let me give our viewers a peek of what's happening as well as some experts' picks for this year's festival.

Audiences cheer as their favorite movie stars are introduced, and directors discuss films.
The 26th Busan International Film Festival has returned to near normal, once again greeting movie-lovers and auteurs.

"Movie lovers in Busan can satisfy their passion for films by actually meeting some of their favorite movie stars and directors and asking them questions."

The director and cast of South Korea's first sci-fi blockbuster "Space Sweepers" enjoyed time sharing their thoughts with visitors.

"The role I played was a realistic ordinary citizen and I loved the character as he matured throughout the plot."

Directors say they too are enjoying this year's BIFF as they can interact with other directors and fans.
At a special talk session, globally renowned director Bong Joon-ho was eager to get to know the Japanese filmmaker Ryusuke Hamaguchi, who won awards from the Berlin and Cannes film festivals.

"As an old fan of Hamaguchi, I myself have many questions and want to know his secrets, so I will ask many questions."

"I hear people cheering and that’s something that I have not seen for a long time and that’s the magic of film festival that cannot be duplicated online, and it’s challenging but courageous."

Of course, the highlight of the festival is the wide range of movies.
One of the members of the jury recommended director Leos Carax's film "Annette", which won the best director award in Cannes.

"It’s really special and he worked together with the band called “Sparks”, and it makes musical comedy but with the little twist that I cannot reveal and this twist is really interesting."

Female director Julia Ducournau's Cannes Palme d'Or-winning "Titane" could be another nice pick.

"The film is like an opera. The main characteristic of films these days regardless of the continent they're from is that there are more genre films and female directors are showing rapid progress. "Titane" shows such characteristics well."

Directors are exploring this new potential of films, and audiences are getting to enjoy movie treasures from around the world, all at the Busan International Film Festival.

An exciting moment for movie fans. What other exciting cultural events are going on around the country? Any recommendations?

Of course, then let's take a look at Gwangju where the Asia Culture Center is holding its 2021 Asia Culture Week.
From today until October 24th, it will showcase performances and hold an exhibition aiming to boost understanding among Asian countries.
I would particularly like to recommend the pansori performance titled "The Two Eyes".
Pansori is Korea's traditional genre of musical storytelling, and one of the five representative narratives is "Simcheongga".
Originally "Simcheongga" deals with the narrative of Simcheong the main character who shows filial piety and sacrifices herself to have her father open his eyes.
However, using electronic music along with media art and laser lighting on stage for dramatic special effects, the show will follow the story of Simcheong's blind father, Simbongsa.
The performance was staged as the opening show at the National Theater of Korea's "Yeowoorak Festival" earlier this year, and since it is said that the Asia Culture Center's version is even better, I believe many visitors, especially those interested in pansori, will have a wonderful time watching it.

Bo-kyoung, usually during October, lots of festivals are held to let people enjoy the autumn breeze and get to know a variety of rising stars.
What about this October? Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, I reckon it would be hard for much to take place outside given the restrictions on audiences?

That's true Jung-min, music festivals are still having a hard time getting back to normal.
Lots of music festival organizers are pondering over how they should hold their festivals. We'll see what their plans are soon as some well-known festivals such as Jarasum Jazz Festival are going to take place in late October or early November.
One major festival this weekend though is being held online.
The Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival will go on for two days October 9th to 10th.
It is an annual event that has been taking place at Incheon city's Songdo Moonlight Festival Park, around this time of the year since 2006.
The festival includes performances by leading rock bands such as Daybreak, but also will feature other well-known musicians from other genres too, such as Lee Seung-hwan, alternative pop band Leenalchi, indie-band 10cm, and K-pop act N.Flying.

"For the super heroes of these times who are trying to overcome COVID-19 while still working hard, we are going to visit you online."

"We hope our show can cheer up those who are exhausted due to the COVID-19."

Well, those who want to enjoy some music festivals will be able to quench their thirst.
Well thank you Bo-kyoung for sharing with us that diverse cultural information.

Thank you.
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