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STUDIO & SKYPE SESSION Updated: 2021-10-06 11:07:40 KST

The HEALING POWER of the ARTS HAS been brought to the FOREFRONT amid this pandemic AND HEADING this phenomenon are Korean entertainment contents on the international arena.
For more here in the studio I have Bernie Cho a leading K-pop MUSIC EXPORT specialist.
It's a pleasure to have you on the show Mr. Cho
And I have Professor Soh Jae Yong at the Seoul Institute of the Arts LIVE on the LINE.
It's good to see you again Professor Soh .
Also joining this panel discussion virtually is Lucas Shaw at Bloomberg over in the U.S.
Lucas welcome.

1) Mr. Bernie Cho the BTS-COLDPLAY collaboration "My Universe" has debuted on TOP of the BILLBOARD HOT 100.
Let's begin with this exciting feat.
((For BTS this is the 6th time it has earned the TOP SPOT on the HOT 100 AND all of their LEADS have been secured since September 2020.
ONLY 57 SONGS have debuted on top of the BILLBOARD HOT 100.
BTS now ties with Ariana Grande and Drake for the MOST NUMBER ONE DEBUTS in history.))

2) And Lucas what's your take on BTS's remarkable achievements within the global music ARENA?

3) Professor Soh Korean screen productions including "Parasite" and "Minari" have also been making notable strides and in recent days "Squid Game" has been garnering much global attention.
HOW do you EXPLAIN the APPEAL of these Korean contents on international SCREENS?

4) Lucas SQUID GAME is looking to become Netflix's BIGGEST NON-English language show.
What can you tell us about its popularity over in the U.S. and what ELEMENTS of this Korean drama appear to be RESONATING within audiences worldwide?

5) Mr. Bernie Cho according to the World Intellectual Property Organization Korea ranked 5th this year in the GLOBAL INNOVATION INDEX AND it TOPPED the INDEX in Asia.
Do you suppose ADVANCES.. made by Korea's entertainment industry paved the path to this RECOGNITION?

6) Lucas I believe you've covered in detail the COMPETITIVE NATURE of Korea's entertainment contents.
Do share with us your thoughts on this front.

7) Meanwhile Professor Soh what are your thoughts on concerns that global streaming services are poised to DOMINATE the local entertainment market?
((Will the competition ULITMATELY serve to ENHANCE service to users?))

8) Also Mr. Bernie Cho Korean dramas on Netflix including "Kingdom" "Sweet Home" and the more recent "DP" were all based on WEBTOONS which are Korean digital comics.
Having said that how are WEBTOONS SHAPING Korean drama contents?

9) And personally Lucas what other K-content looks to be gaining attention?

10) Professor Soh curtains have gone up on the Busan International Film Festival which will run until next Friday.
Please tell us a bit about this year's event.

11) Lucas going forward what efforts do you propose to perhaps further raise the universal appeal of Korea's entertainment efforts?

12) And Mr. Bernie Cho do tell us a bit about the ROLE of TRANSLATION in better relaying Korean LANGUAGE CONTENTS to international audiences?

13) Professor Soh also moving forward ILLEGAL STREAMING is yet another challenge in efforts to better protect copyrights.
What are your thoughts?

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