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What S. Korean content to watch after 'Squid Game' Updated: 2021-10-05 07:59:47 KST

Lee Jung-jae sure looks like a loser in the Netflix drama "Squid Game".
But he is actually an A-list star in South Korea, often playing charismatic figures.
For those who are done watching "Squid Game" and want to dig deeper into Lee's filmography, these are some of his best-known works.
If you are into noir, the "New World" might be a good start.
Lee Jung-jae plays a cop working undercover in a criminal gang.

"The film's plot might be familiar to movie-lovers who have watched "Infernal Affairs" and "Departed", yet Lee expertly shows the inner workings of the role he plays a guy who is tormented by having to choose between doing his job as a police officer or being loyal to his boss."

If you enjoyed Netflix's historical zombie flick "Kingdom", then "The Face Reader" could be your next pick.
Actor Song Kang-ho from "Parasite",. is the skilled face reader who can figure out people's personality and even their future.
His talent gets him stuck in the middle of a power struggle between King Munjong and his brother, Prince Suyang, who is played by Lee Jung-jae.
Watchers would be able to see a different side to Lee's acting as he plays a villainous role.
Don't worry if you have already watched all of these films. More original Korean dramas from Netflix are about to be released and are ready to mesmerize global viewers.

Adapted from a webtoon, or mobile comic “Hellbound” is about a world where humans are given the dates of their death then are pulled into hell once their time is up.

"The title, the concept, and the plot of how bad people go to hell is easy for global viewers to relate to, so I believe lots of people will be able to enjoy the series."

Another highly-anticipated drama is "My Name".
Both series are scheduled to be screened at this year's Busan International Film Festival, and the programmer of the festival says they are both eye-catching shows.

"It's the second series by director Kim Jin-min who directed the popular Netflix drama series "Extracurricular". It is an intense and attractive action drama revolving around a woman."

With attention now on Korean original content, people are curious about which of these dramas will pick up "Squid Game's" baton.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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