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COVID-19 and social distancing analysis with Dr. Alice Tan Updated: 2021-09-13 06:19:35 KST

Let's now move on to our regular segment for Mondays, where we turn to a medical expert for a more in-depth diagnosis on the current issues surrounding COVID-19.
For this we have Dr. Alice Tan, Internist at MizMedi Women's Hospital via Skype.

Dr. Tan, thank you for joining us.

The number of new daily infections in South Korea has been lingering along the 2,000 mark for the past week,… and the nation has observed the highest social distancing level in the capital area for quite some time now.
Why do you think we aren't seeing the numbers go down? How long do you expect this situation to continue?

Lately, I've noticed the frequency of the phrase ‘living with COVID-19’ being used instead of the term ‘herd immunity’.
And I also remember when many were talking about not having to wear masks after getting vaccinated and once herd immunity is reached, we would be able to return to normal, but we're no longer hearing this anymore.
What is the reason behind this? Will we ever be able to remove our masks?

Maybe that is the reason why many countries are turning to ‘living with corona’.
But looking at the UK, which has adopted a more relaxed policy, where mask wearing nor social distancing is no longer controlled,… the country's daily new infections have rose evidently to an average of 37 thousand a day for the past week.
With concerns rising, what do you think is the reason behind this and what should we do to avoid a similar situation?

Last week, we heard some interesting news about global pharmaceutical companies' development of oral COVID-19 treatments.
But this sparked controversy as it was reported that these treatments could cost nearly 800 U.S. dollars.
How far has the development of these oral treatments gone,… and why are they so expensive?

Alright, its time for us to wrap up our discussion for this week, this was Dr. Alice Tan of MizMedi Women's Hospital.
Dr. Tan, thank you so much for your wonderful insights, we will see you again next week.

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