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Iran develops state-sanctioned matchmaking app to promote marriage Updated: 2021-07-23 07:39:41 KST

Low birth rates are a serious problem for many countries around the globe.
And Iran's government, also worried about the country's rising age of marriage and falling birth rate ,has come up with a creative solution, a dating app.
Young Iranians wishing to find love now have a state-approved option, called Hadam,which means "companion" in Farsi.
Although there are concerns about this app, including displaying the height and weight of female users, one local resident said it would be a good thing for this app to find its place in the market.

"Young people will likely stop using foreign applications such as Tinder, and if they do they will have to use VPNs."

Hadam is so far the only legal matchmaking app in Iran, and it requires users to take a psychology test and gives advice for young singles to find their marriage partner.
Iranian media reports say, Iran's fertility rate stands at about 1.7 children per woman and has dropped by some 25 percent over the past four years.
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