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All things K-pop: Weekly review Updated: 2021-07-08 17:12:34 KST

BTS is shattering records again.
The K-pop sensation has smashed the Billboard chart, staying on top of the Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks achieving a feat no other Asian artist has ever attained.
This, as K-pop powerhouse SM Entertainment held its annual Congress addressing long-term vision of the K-pop industry.
All things latest in K-pop it's the topic of our news in-depth tonight, joining us live via Skype is Kim Young-dae , a pop culture critic and author of "BTS: The Review."
Welcome to the program.

BTS has topped Billboard Hot 100 for the 6th straight week setting a new record. BTS shattering records and writing history in the music industry is nothing new but how do you see this? What significance does it hold?

You wrote a book analyzing the unprecedented success of BTS. What are the factors that continue to mesmerize millions of fans across the world?

The so-called 'father of K-pop' SM Entertainment founder and executive producer, Lee Soo-man discussed the long-term vision of the K-music industry at the SM Congress 2021.
Could you first tell us what the Congress is about, and the key takeaways from this year's event? ( , NCT )

In another forum, Lee Soo-man stated the time is ripe for Korea to become the "first mover" in global culture, and that the country has what it takes to play that role. What are the key elements that are required to lead the world's pop culture, and in your view, is Korea ready to take on the leadership role?

Bang Si-hyuk , who has now become a legendary producer who gave birth to the BTS phenomenon, has recently stepped down as the chief executive of the group's agency-label Hybe. What's behind this, and what does this imply?

Pop culture critic, Kim Young-dae for our news in-depth tonight. We appreciate your expertise.
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