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Tokyo Olympics countdown: Hopes and concerns Updated: 2021-06-23 15:09:38 KST

So, ready or not, it looks like the Tokyo Olympics will happen in one month.
For more on hopes and concerns surrounding the delayed Tokyo Olympics 2020, Ryusei Takahashi, National Correspondent for the Japan Times joins us live from the Japanese capital.
Hi Ryusei, good to have you with us.

So, it looks like the anti-Olympics faction which has kept "No Olympics" trending on Twitter for months here, has been defeated with the Japanese government, International Olympic Committee and major stakeholders standing firm in their resolve to hold the Games.
A recent poll by Asahi Simbun shows over 60% of respondents said they either want the games to be cancelled or delayed. But the number of the those who support the games also rose slightly from its previous poll from 14% to 34%. Is Japan witnessing a change in public consensus?

A member of Uganda's Olympic squad tested positive for covid upon arrival in Japan and there are rising criticisms on the Japanese government's handling of the case. There were no immediate quarantine guidelines for the other team members who obviously came in close contact with him, and also for the 80 passengers who were aboard the same flight. Today, another member of the Ugandan team tested positive for Covid. How do you see this? Do you think Tokyo is ready to effectively handle possible covid cases among 15,000 athletes?

A month before the games are set to begin, the Olympic village that will host some 18,000 athletes and staffs was unveiled to the press. What's your assessment of quarantine measures in the village, including covid-related facilities such as PCR test sites and clinics?

Organizers of Tokyo Olympics and the IOC has decided to allow up to 10,000 spectators, placing a 50% cap at venues. How is the Japanese public reacting to this, as well as to the organizers' plan to sell alcohol in stadiums?

Japan has reportedly spent as much as 35 billion U.S. dollars into staging the games, making Tokyo Olympics the most expensive games in history. What are your prospects about the games would it be successful against all odds or would it end up being a disastrous 'superspreader' event?

Ryusei Takahashi, National Correspondent for the Japan Times joining us live from Tokyo for us. Thank you.
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