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'Positive talks' but differences remain: U.S.-Russia summit analysis Updated: 2021-06-17 17:27:08 KST

"So human rights is going to always be on the table, I told him. It's not about just going after Russia when they violate human rights, it's about who we are."

"According to US sources the majority of cyberattacks in the world are performed from US cyberspace. The second one is Canada, then two Latin American states, and then the UK. Russia is not listed among the cyberspaces where the majority of cyberattacks come from."

Deep differences were evident at the highly-anticipated U.S.-Russia summit, the first encounter of the two leaders since President Biden took office.
But there were also some solid outcomes, with many saying that summit, in itself, holds high significance.
For further analysis on the high-stakes summit, Victoria Zhuravleva, Head of the Center for North American Studies at the Primakov National Research Institute joins us live from Moscow.
Great to have you with us.

President Biden and Putin both described the summit as generally positive, but as many had expected there were no major breakthroughs. What's your overall assessment of summit results? Did the two leaders return home with what they wanted?

Agreeing to resume talks on "strategic stability" of nuclear arsenals is picked as one of the concrete outcomes of the summit. This follows Washington's extension of the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or New START, with Russia for five more years. Tell us more about this treaty, and what significance does resumption of U.S.-Russia nuclear talks hold?

Deep differences were evident, however, on a number of issues such as cyberattacks, Ukraine, and human rights issues involving Russia's opposition leader Alexei Navalny. What do you make of the summit outcomes on those thorny issues?

The summit came on the heels of the G7 Summit and NATO meeting where Biden aggressively sought a united western front against the increasing influence of Russia and China. How is Russia observing Biden's return to traditional U.S. foreign policy?

The summit came when U.S.-Russia relations have hit a rock bottom. What's your forecast of the two powerful nations' relations in the coming years?

Victoria Zhuravleva at the Primakov National Research Institute joining us live from Moscow. Thank you for your insights.
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