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'Seriously doing nothing' trending as S. Koreans try to get rid of pandemic stress Updated: 2021-06-11 15:23:37 KST

The pandemic has led to a new trend in South Korea over the last year or so.
It's called "seriously doing nothing," a phrase that evokes a kind of meditation.
It's become popular among students and office workers as a way to get rid of stress.
Lee Kyung-eun reports.
This is one of the biggest aquariums in South Korea.
What are they doing?
And that's exactly what they came for - just to sit and stare at the water and zone out from all the pandemic stress.

"As I looked deep into the water I felt my mind reach a state of tranquility and peace."

"I used to stay at home, but it feels like I am at the ocean's side giving me a sense of freedom."

There are even contests for this activity of "seriously doing nothing".
Whoever shows the lowest and most stable heart rate is the winner.
The Washington Post reported about one contest held on Jeju Island titled "In South Korea’s ‘healing forest,’ the pandemic-stressed compete for the ultimate chill".
Trying to zone out has become a real trend a recent survey by a local job site shows 20 percent of corporate workers spend their time after work in this way.

"I am actually one of those people who enjoys doing nothing after a hard day at work.
But today, instead of being at home, I am here at a movie theater where I can probably do that more effectively."

A 60 minute session is as simple as it gets, calming images from nature to burning candles, there's nothing more to it.
But people are willing to travel here and pay 10 dollars for what it provides.

"We deal with vast amounts of information, but by looking at simple images that don't require much mental processing you could find peace and relief. And doing that in a place that's segregated from your daily life could make it easier to switch off."

Not to be left out, the tourism industry is actively adopting these kinds of activities to meet rising demand.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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