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BTS' latest hit 'Butter' debuts atop Billboard Hot 100 Updated: 2021-06-02 15:17:06 KST

Side step right left
to my beat heartbeat
Get it let it roll
Smooth like butter
Cool shade stunner
And you know we don't stop

BTS are not stopping, as they keep pulling in listeners with their own "superstar glow".
The group's latest single "Butter" debuted at number one on Billboard's main singles chart, garnering 32.2 million streams and selling almost 243-thousand downloads in the week ending May 27th.
It marks the group's third number one debut on the industry's most influential music chart, following "Dynamite" and "Life Goes On" in 2020.
They've had four number ones if their chart-topping remix of "Savage Love" is included.
According to Billboard, the Korean superstars' number ones in the Hot 100 chart happened all in the past nine months, marking the act's quickest accumulation of four number ones since Justin Timberlake a decade-and-a-half ago, and among groups, the fastest since the Jackson 5 in 1970.
An expert says BTS faced tough competition as there was a lot of hype for Olivia Rodrigo's song.
Yet the superstars showed that they are a pop phenomenon especially by getting more radio airtime than before.

"Their streaming and sales numbers were similar to what happened when they released "Dynamite", but with this song in particular they were able to have even more radio support than ever. Radio is a tough area to accomplish so for an international act to be able to do that really shows that BTS has just solidified themselves as pop phenomenons."

Experts say "Butter's" old-school vintage sounds and the way the music highlights each member's own charms have contributed to such success.

"The song has a retro aspect that all generations can enjoy along with much more gripping power."

"If "Dynamite" was an introduction to BTS to wider audience, "Butter" is sort of a next stop in helping them understand BTS' personalities who these guys are."

With the extra punch of their individual personalities in the song, "Butter" is connecting BTS with more general listeners, showing their popularity hasn't reached its limit.
Kim Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.
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