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First 'Black K-beauty startup' in S. Korea brings Korean cosmetics to wider range of skin tones Updated: 2021-05-29 09:03:07 KST

K-beauty products have been adapted to cater for a range of skin types, but there still aren't many shades available for darker skin tones.
But one K-beauty start-up looks to change that.
Jang Tae-hyun tells us more.
The global popularity of K-beauty products is skyrocketing especially skincare products made from natural ingredients such as ginseng.
Korea's innovative beauty sector was even the first in the world to introduce a new type of cosmetics the cushion.

"But, it’s not easy for people of color to find the right cosmetics in South Korea as there is a limited variety of shades."

"What am I got to do about foundation? I am going to pick one and make sure my Korean skincare is on-point because I have no options."

To better help people with darker skin tones buy the right make-up, Grace from Nigeria started her own cosmetic company, Dr. GIO.
Currently, the company has six shades of cushion, but the founder says, it's still not enough.

"The goal is by the end of the year that's what we are working at. For Dr. GIO to be the first Korean beauty brand to have 50 shades of cushions."

She says that since the skin types of Asians and Africans are different products need some modifications.
So, for African skincare, she uses ingredients like 'shea butter' to add more moisture.
Many people in Africa are interested in products like cushions, mask sheets, and other skincare products but can't easily find them in their home countries.
So, Grace is also acting as a bridge between South Korea and Africa by exporting cosmetics made by Korea's small and medium enterprises.

"The African cosmetic market continues to grow because of rapid urbanization, explosive growth in the younger generations, and the expansion of the middle-class due to improved income levels. And the cosmetics consumers are not only women, but also men and teenagers."

So, for K-beauty to thrive in the international market, it needs to be more inclusive, and expand its range to cover all skin tones.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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