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Hopes and Concerns Over Vaccine Incentives: Analysis Updated: 2021-05-27 16:03:20 KST

"People who received the first shot of Covid vaccine will be exempt from restrictions on family gatherings. From July 1st, masks will no longer be required outdoors for those who have had their first dose of vaccination."

The Korean government has laid out very tempting incentives for vaccinated people as part of efforts to speed up the sluggish vaccination rate here in the country.
But opinions remain divided on whether that is a wise move.
Hopes and concerns over vaccine incentives it's the topic of our news in-depth tonight, let's talk about it with Dr. David Kwak, Clinical Professor of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital.

So, South Korean health officials have shared the plan for dropping face masks for those vaccinated with their first dose of two-regimen vaccines against the coronavirus starting July.
Other incentives include providing them with discounts at public parks and museums and allowing them to participate in larger private gatherings - currently capped at four.
All this is a bid to encourage older residents to get vaccinated as the country aims to immunize at least 70-percent of the nation's population of 52 million by September.
What are your thoughts and concerns about these incentives?

Some argue the incentives are worrisome as full protection can be expected two weeks after the second shot. Would it be safe enough to go around without masks after just one shot of vaccine?

If these rules were to be eased for those who have gotten their first shots, are there measures in to discern people who are vaccinated from those who are not?

Vaccinations began for over 65s from today while reservation services for 'no show' leftover vaccines also kicked off today. Would we be able to reach the government's vaccination target of 13 million people during the first half of this year?

The number of patients infected with four primary variants in Korea reached near 280 in the past week alone. Some infectious disease experts are warning new variants could become the dominant strain in the country. What's your forecast?

Moderna has completed business registration for its Korean branch 'Moderna Korea'. What are your prospects for vaccine partnership between Samsung Biologics and Moderna?

Dr. David Kwak, Clinical Professor of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital for our news in-depth tonight. Thank you.
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